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Lexi Laine Promo Shoot, Mexico

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Last month I got the opportunity to work as DoP and cinematographer on a project in Mexico, filming a promo video for award winning underwater fine art photographer Lexi Laine. After winning an award last year, Sony got involved and funded the creation of a video about her work to be featured on their stand at the Photography Show in Birmingham (March 2019). Wex Photo Video also got involved with promoting the video through their media outlets.

We spent a week filming in the cenotes in the jungle near Tulum, for those who don't know what a cenote is they are the freshwater sinkhole entrances to underground cave/river systems. Most have perfectly clear water which when combined with early morning sun rays create a magical environment perfect for Lexi's style of photography.

Due to restrictions with diving in the cenotes all filming was done by free diving, using the Sony AX100 in GATES housing for the majority of the underwater shots, and the smaller Sony RX100 in a Fantasea housing for tighter situations. We also used the DJI Phantom 4 Pro to film the cenotes and nearby coast.

Overall a fantastic creative project to work on, with a great team who made it all possible. I found the change from the majority of my work filming wildlife a refreshing change, people are much easier to direct!

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